Publishing and updating workshop items

So you have got your amazing mod or map ready to share with the rest of the world? Nice, you came to the right place.

Publishing to workshop

Mod packing

You only need this step if you are uploading a mod. Head to your user/mod_testing folder and find the mod you want to publish. Now you want to put the contents of that folder into a .zip archive. This step is different depending on what archiver you have, but make sure you are packing into .zip archive. After you have done that make sure that when opening, the only folder there is content. After that rename the extensions of the file to .cpk instead of .zip. Now we are ready to publish it.


Launch Crashday tools from Steam or cdwstool.exe from Crashday/tools folder. After the tools are loaded, click Publish Workshop Item. The new window will appear, where you need to fill the mod or map name, description and picture.

  • Title: the name of the track that will be showed in Steam Workshop. Please note that only ASCII characters are supported.
  • Preview: the image of the track or mod as shown in Steam Workshop. Must be JPG or PNG with less than 1MB. Use “Browse…“ to upload the image from your hard drive.
  • Visibility: sets the visibility of your item on Steam Workshop.
  • Tags: for tracks, select checkbox “Track” and leave the other checkboxes rest blank. For mods select one or multiple tags, except “Track” describing your mod.
  • Content: select the .trk map or .cpk package you want to upload. For tracks please note that the name of the file will be displayed as the name of the track in-game as well (e.g. “finals2.trk” will show up as “finals2” in-game)
  • Description: the text description of the item shown in Steam Workshop.
  • Item Id: if you are uploading a new track or mod, leave this blank.
    • If you want to update an existing track or mod, please enter the Id of your previously created Workshop item here. You can obtain the ID from “Your Workshop Items” inside the Mod Uploader tool.
  • Submit: Click this when you are done. Congrats, your mod should be uploaded!
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