CD:RE tools are distributes through Steam. To download the tools head to Steam, right click LIBRARY and select tools. From there locate Crashday Redline SDK and download it. The SDK will be downloaded to your Crashday installation folder and put into the tools folder.

Tools overview

  • cdtrkconv2
    • Using this tool you can extract and insert .dbs settings into tracks!
  • cdtrkhmap
    • Using this tool you can extract the heightmap of the track.
  • cdtrkpic
    • Using this tool you can add and remove track’s embedded picture.
  • make3ds
    • This tools converts Crashday’s .p3d model files into Autodesk 3D Studio .3ds files.
  • makep3d
    • This tools converts .3ds models into .p3d models.
  • showcfl
    • This tools is made to view Crashday’s track piece .cfl files with the in-game engine. Its purpose is to show the track piece in final in-game look, including vegetation and Level Of Detail. Moreover, the tool allows to render AI nodes and link information.
  • showp3d
    • This is an utility designed to view any Crashday .p3d model file using the in-game engine.
  • cdwstool
    • This tools is used to upload and update mods to the Steam Workshop.
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