General notes

  • All distance units in Crashday are measured in meters, i.e. 1 unit is representing 1 meter.
  • The Crashday coordinate system is defined as follows: when looking “into your screen” the X axis goes from left to right (increasing rightwards). The Y axis defines the vertical direction from bottom to top (increasing upwards). The Z axis is the depth extension and points into the screen.
  • Car models should be aligned as follows: the car’s front points towards the positive Z direction, i.e. “into the screen”.
  • Even when working with .dds textures, you should reference to .tga (e.g. if you specify in your car info file, define it as glass2.tga). Crashday internally only works with uncompressed .tga textures. Whenever it is asked to look for a certain .tga, it first checks whether a .dds alternative is available. You can for example work with .tga files only in your modeling application and even if the in-game textures are only available as .dds, this is no problem.
  • Every new texture you add requires a shader .tex file with the same name.
  • In files that are based on user-readable text, the hash character “#” defines the beginning of a comment that ends at the end of the same line. Everything in the comment is ignored by the game.
  • All files auto-generated for the mods by the game will be put into crashday/user/__tmp00.cpk. You can put those files into your mod later, so it will load faster.
  • Do NOT use spaces or capital letters in any file names. CD will mostly likely break with those.
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