Content packages

All CD:RE files and mods are stored inside .cpk files. These files are just .zip archives and contain all of the game’s content. If you go to the ...\Crashday\data folder you will find all of the game’s .cpk content packages. Please note that you are not allowed to edit default game files and the game will crash if you try to edit them. For editing content you need to create a custom mod.

For easier distribution CD’s content is divided into several packages, each containing some type of files.

  • data000.cpk - Common files
  • data001.cpk - Music
  • data002.cpk - Ambience related files
  • data003.cpk - Car related files
  • data004.cpk - Vegetation related files
  • data005.cpk - Dynamics related files
  • data006.cpk - Tile related files
  • data007_.cpk - Translation files (depends on which language is selected in steam)
    • a - English
    • b - German
    • c - Italian
    • d - Russian
    • e - Turkish
    • f - Hungarian
    • g - Brazilian
    • h - Spanish
    • i - Polish

If you are planning to mod the game, you would generally unpack all useful packages in the same folder(you probably do not need the Music one). This would give you all of Crashday’s unpacked content which can be edited(but not loaded) and used as reference.

unpacked packages overview

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