How to contribute to

Everyone can help in filling crashdaycenter with useful modding info. If you have something to contribute, contact @wurunduk#0001 in official CD discord and ask for access.
When you have access, goto Admin Panel and add your articles. But be sure to follow the guidelines!

Article guidelines

This site uses markdown for content, here is a cheat sheet if you need one: Github markdown cheatsheet
The admin panel also provides a visual editor, so you dont need to edit any markdown if you want.

Here are some rules to use when making articles:

  • “ADD PAGE NAVIGATION” should be enabled only for long articles containing a lot of info. This option adds a ‘Catalogue’ panel on the right based on headers
  • `example` Red highlight should be used for all paths, file names, extensions and to highlight any relevant info
  • > Quote can be used to quote or to highlight an unchecked or unkown information
  • Be sure to correctly categorise a new article. To add an article to Documentation -> Other you would use “Documentation, Other”
  • If you want to add a new category, you can do so. But please tell @wurunduk#0001 so he can fix the ordering in the menus

In general, try to make the content easy readable, split it up into chunks, add images.

Thanks for contributing!

Useful links

Blender 2.8 Export-Import Plugin

Blender 2. 8 plugin for working with .p3d models.

github page

Crashday Smart Launcher

A better CD launcher for managing mods. Adds collections, easy steam import, searching, etc.

github page

Old SDK Tools

This are the tools made for original Crashday release. None of them are tested for the new game, but you may be able to work something out. Also includes source files of old makep3d, which can help with making custom export plugins.


3d Map Editors

Creating Crashday tracks is really fun. But you know what is more fun? Creating them in 3d and being able to edit heightmaps without any paint hassle. Here are your two options:

3D Map Editor by FlyX

github page , steam guide

3d Map Editor by Wurunduk (outdated, can be used for code reference)

github page

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